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Tuesday, August 2, 2011




This is a Chhau-Dance performing group of Seraikella. Which was established in the year 1990 in the memory of PRADEEP KAR, a great artist and guru of this unique art of India. He has spent many years in Europe to promote Chhau Dance of Seraikella by giving training to the aspirants and simultaneously performing on the stages in different stages in India and Abroad.

                                  After the death of Pradeep, Ashish Kar younger brother of him accepted the challenge, and being the Director of the Group, he toured to many countries like Vienna (Austria), Amsterdam, Brussels, Sophia, Munich, Oslo, Helsinki, Tallinn, Dublin, Arland, Stockhom, Berlin, Switzerland, Germany, France. The group exhibited this traditional dancing art Chhau of Seraikella and gathered many applauses. This is a Traditional Dance Group having an objective to give promotion worldwide to this art of Seraikella. This Group has a huge performing experience in Abroad and also in India.

Ashish Kar

Ashish Kar, belong to an well educated family of Seraikella. Ashish, who is an inborn artist of Chhau Dance of Seraikella. His eldest brother Pradeep was a qualified artist as well as an exponent in the field of Chhau Dance in Seraikella style of Chhau Dancing art.
                       Ashish steped in to this field of Chhau dancing art at a very early age of 7 years. He learnt the initial steps of Chhau dancing from his brother Pradeep. He went to learn the basic techniques of the dance form under the guidance of Late Guru Vikram Kumbhakar of Seraikella. He learnt many dance items from his brother Pradeep and started giving performances in different  programmes. Ashish visited abroad to exhibit his art of dancing Chhau when he was young with his brother Late Guru Pradeep Kar and legendary artist Kamadev in the year 1990.
                                 Ashish is a very talented artist having huge experience in this field by giving performances as well as training to many aspirants. Leading the Group he exhibited this traditional art Chhau in many places in India and Abroad.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Seraikella Chhau Dance

This is the start of the official blog of Pradeep Kar Memorial Trust. The blog is created by Radha Anjali, dance student and dance partner of late Kama Dev who was dancing with late Pradeep Kar all over Europe in the years 1979-1989. The Seraikella Chhau dance group is now under the guidance of Ashish Kumar Kar, the brother of late Pradeep Kar.
Pradeep Kar Memorial Trust has travelled in Europe and performed Seraikella Chhau dance in many cities and gave also successfully many dance workshops.